Hearts and Bones by Margaret Lawrence

I found this book completely by happenstance in a huge barn-like used book store. I devoured it…and then told all of the readers I knew about it. Lawrence evokes the harsh daily struggle of life in Colonial America. The dust of the Revolution has settled, and a struggling midwife must make her way in a world that wants to either constrain her or eliminate her. She is a champion of the downtrodden and the forgotten, the mother of a deaf and illegitimate daughter, and the widow of a persecuted Tory. In the course of her work she uncovers a chilling crime, and is determined to solve it no matter the personal cost.

What I Love Most About This Book

  • The portrayal of the main character, Hannah Trevor. She is an awe-inspiring example of resiliency and individualism. (If you love Claire you will love Hannah.)
  • The wordsmithing. It seamlessly transports you to the gritty reality of colonial America.
  • The intricate plot. Usually I see the twists coming – the labyrinthine coils of this one caught me completely by surprise.
  • It is genre-defying. It is a historical novel, a romance and a mystery.

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