My Name is Resolute, Nancy Turner

This is a sweeping epic of a tale that crosses continents and maps the human heart. It is the story of a young girl whose gilt life became a barely imagined nightmare that made her unfailingly resilient, amazingly adaptable, and formidably strong.

When she falls into the hands of dissolute pirates, (after witnessing the destruction of her home and the murder of her parents) the heroine is determined to protect her younger siblings. This proves to be an extremely daunting task that carries her from a Jesuit outpost in the Canadian wilderness to a Puritan settlement on the coast of New England.

She is persecuted, beleaguered and marginalized. Despite these obstacles, her quick wits and guile ensure that she thrives. Her life is defined by the events of her childhood and the inescapable bonds of family – but these trials are what forge her indomitable will.

I borrowed it from the library in 2016. As soon as I finished reading it I bought the hardback version. It has been on my keeper shelf ever since..,,,

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