Any Duchess Will Do

This is on my keeper shelf. Everything was perfectly crafted. Griff is an ideal blend of strength, sensuality, vulnerability and magnetism. Pauline is the perfect thorn to upset his equilibrium and challenge him. She is unconventional, both in her nature and as a partner for a duke. However, rather than spoiling her unconventionality by making her the long lost granddaughter of a duke or the abandoned foundling daughter of an impoverished earl, Dare keeps Pauline true to herself. She and Griff come to love each other because they accept each other’s weaknesses and become each other’s port in the storm. 
The intimate scenes were superb – steamy, realistic and interrupted by moments of tenderness and laughter.
I just read it for the third time and am certain I will often feel the need to revisit its unique magic. 
Fantastically, spectacularly done, Ms. Dare.

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