Nightchaser, By Amanda Bouchet

One of my first 5 star reads of 2019. It’s an intergalactic setting, a heroine who would give Hans Solo some competition for the biggest renegade in the Empire, a hint of genetic mystery and designer DNA, cats, a bookstore and a hero that gives up all of his dreams to throw in his lot with a wanted woman.

It’s fantastic! I bought the ebook in January and I’ve already read it 3 times. 

This is a slow burn with really sexy, sparkling banter between the heroine Tess and the hero Shade. Their attraction shines through with a gritty reality, even though neither can be truthful about their identity. Tess is raw and vulnerable with an unwavering resolve. Shade’s voice and wants and thoughts are an urge to claim and an urge to deny, conflicted and chaotic.

“He didn’t think he’d ever had a woman in his arms who was this honest. – there was almost more honesty than he could take in the way she looked at him right now, and how her breath hitched. Knowing he’d started this and needed to follow through, Shade tightened his hold on Tess’s head and hip, drawing her in to him. Their bodies lined up perfectly, and he ate up her little gasp when it feathered across his mouth.”

I cannot wait for the sequel!

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