Dark Shores

I devoured my ARC copy of Dark Shores by Danielle Jensen and immediately ordered the hardcover! Go buy it or borrow it from your library! A pirate princess who becomes a political pawn, Terania’s fate is irrevocably linked to a man harboring a secret that will destroy her trust in him. She is a fierce, independent woman, who carries the burden of her crew, her family and the future of her nation on her young shoulders. Marcus is a legionaire commander, and every decision he makes is about ensuring the safety and future of the men who serve under him. They are the family that protects and loves him, unlike the blood ties that abandoned him. He is compelling and ruthless, tortured and vulnerable. It is set in a world modeled after the Roman Empire, with intrigues, magic and warmongering. Terania and Marcus are unforgettable and now I have a book hangover to get through while I wait on the next installment.


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