Sky Without Stars

Les Miserables is dear to my heart. When I heard Jessica Brody and Joanne Rendell had teamed up to write a re-imagined version set in space I immediately put in my pre-order. I made myself wait until the end of the month to read it because I knew it would be the icing on the cake I could savor and relish.

I was not disappointed, and all of the accolades and anticipation are well-deserved. It is fantastic. I want Chatine as my snarky, sarcastic, gritty, scrappy little sister who has my back no matter what. Alouette’s journey of self-discovery is riveting, and Marcellus is a heartthrob even if he can be completely clueless. The worldbuilding, the dialogue and the plot were amazing. Go buy it or borrow it from your library- you won’t regret it! 5 stars.

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