Strange the Dreamer Duology

This duology is very unusual for the YA Fantasy genre. Lazlo is an orphan who knows nothing of his origins. When he becomes part of an army bent on destroying the city of Weep, he collides with his destiny.

The godlike characters that once ruled the city of Weep are so wrapped up in surviving, and trying to escape the notice of the city below, they scarcely venture out.

Lazlo and Sarai’s story arc is exquisitely wrought. It is filled with Taylor’s lush and evocative language, heart-wrenchingly poignant moments, and trope-defying plot twists. This duology is unique, and deftly wrangles philosophical conundrums such as the nature of good and evil and humanity’s innate capacity for both cruelty and redemption.

If you are looking for a new YA fantasy read that will stun you with it’s beauty, and leave echoes in its wake long after you have finished reading it, this series is for you.

Five Stars.

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