Into the Wilderness

Elizabeth arrives at the colonial outpost over which her father holds sway determined to forge a new path and a new identity. She is exhausted by all of the not-so-subtle allusions to her bookish ways and spinsterish state.

Upstate New York is still a savage place. The locals are fur traders and scrappy pioneers who gather around the woodstove of the tavern/trading post to swap tall tales and consume vast quantities of liquor. Elizabeth is resolved to meet the challenges of being underestimated and unappreciated and relentlessly pursues her goal to teach the children of the community – no matter their gender or race.

Her unconventionality earns her censure and abuse. But it also earns her the admiration of a frontiersman who recognizes a force of nature he cannot withstand.

This is the first book in a six book series that chronicles the joys and travails of a woman and her family in colonial America.

If you have read all of the Outlander books, and are missing the world of Jamie and Claire, pick up this series.

Five stars.


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