Angel’s Blood

I love the Guild Hunter world. The apocalyptic, urban setting is deftly built, the characters are realistic, and the plots are riveting. Elena is one of my favorite characters of all time – she is fiercely independent, stubborn to a fault, and a stalwart friend. Angel’s Blood is the first book in this fantastic series.

Elena is a vampire hunter. She prefers to go about her gory business undeterred, enjoying her downtime. But she becomes embroiled in a plot to upend the pecking order of her city, and unwittingly earns the notice of its ruler – the Archangel Raphael. Raphael is scary – brooding and unapproachable and intimidating. She refuses to be intimidated and chooses to ignore the lightning spark of attraction between them. He refuses to let her go so easily. Of course he relentlessly batters down her walls…Their dialogue is fiery and the chemistry is breath-stealing.

Here’s one of my favorite excerpts:

“We’ve all been near death more than once.” He shook his head. “No one has ever been able to pinpoint the trigger.”


“But it is legend that ambrosia only rises when—”

She held her breath.

“—an archangel loves true.”

The world stopped. The air particles seemed to still above her, the molecules suspended as she stared at the magnificence of the man who held her in his arms. “Maybe I was just biologically compatible.” It came out a ragged whisper.

“Perhaps.” The possession of lips against her neck. “We have eternity to discover the truth. And in that eternity, you will be mine.”

SWOON. Someone bring me a glass of water….

Five hallelujah stars!


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