The Turncoat

There are a host of reasons behind my love of this book.

1. It sheds light on the world of General Washington’s spy network.

2. It shows us how ordinary people can become embroiled in the fates of nations.

3. It shows us that the heart wants what it wants – with no consideration for danger or wisdom to the contrary.

Kate & Peter. A Quaker woman turned colonial spy and the British officer captivated  by her. This book is an unflinchingly honest portrayal of the hardship and struggles faced by 18th century women set adrift by circumstances. There are some very disturbing scenes of the violent nature of war, its transformative effect on the passions of men and its ugly aftermath. However, the truth of these scenes and the historical accuracy they render is undeniable.

Here is a brief glimpse into this lovely book. “Forgive me for turning your own words against you, but what kind of woman is worth that?” The kind who can argue politics with me from the floor of a moving carriage while casting up her accounts, thought Tremayne. Who is resourceful and brave and who trusted me to save her; who is a traitor and a spy, and engaged to my cousin. ”    

Thorland’s writing is both lush and elegantly spare. Her characters are well-drawn, fully realized individuals conflicted by the conflict that rages between their emotions and their ideals. The plot is unpredictable, unforgiving and unforgettable.

Five hallelujah stars.


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