Parting Shadows by Kate Sheerhan Swed

This intergalactic adventure by Kate Sheerhan Swed is the first installment in a series that re-imagines Great Expectations. I ordered the sequel as soon as I finished reading it. This  novella was a quick, engaging read that kept me enthralled the entire time. 

I wanted to smash the villain to smithereens, recruit Astra to be my personal bodyguard, become best friends with Isabelle,  and kiss Henry. The plot twists were completely unpredictable and unexpected, and the character development and political climate were superbly executed. 

SATIS is the quintessential, diabolical AI with malicious intentions to wreak complete and utter havoc. And SATIS has crafted a foolproof, failsafe plan to exact the perfect revenge. But SATIS is the essence of rational thought, and doesn’t understand or account for human emotions, ethics, loyalties, or guilt.

Astra is a lethal weapon, honed by the cold AI to remain aloof under any circumstance. She has been raised in relative isolation, and has an awkward understanding of how to function in a social environment. When she is deployed as the minion of SATIS, she is thrown into a chaotic world that raises more questions about SATIS’s motives. As she struggles to project some semblance of normalcy, she becomes aware of an escape route.

This is truly how Estrella would have made her mark in space. 

Five stars!


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