The Good Luck Girls

I was provided with an ARC of this title from BookishFirst and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

They are envied because they have been rescued from a life of exhausting, hopeless toil in the mines. They are envied because they have escaped early deaths, will never know the  pain of childbirth, and are raised and cosseted in the lap of luxury.

They should not be envied. Yes they have food in their bellies and clothes on their backs. Yes they have a place to lay their head that is sheltered from the elements. But they are no strangers to brutality or the demonic urges of men determined to subjugate and possess.

In one moment of irreconcilable terror and desperation, the gentlest among them commits an unforgivable act of violence against their oppressors. To protect her, they temporarily conceal the crime and take flight. Their only hope is to rid themselves of the magical brands that decry both their names and their status.

They steal away in the dead of night and begin an impossible journey toward freedom.

Aster, Clementine, Tansy, Mallow and Violet all have struggles of their own. Self-doubt, hidden motives and moments of inevitable weakness will plague them on their journey. Their resourcefulness, inner strength, and indomitable will carry them across the miles and bring them closer together.

Pre-order this book – you will not be disappointed. It is a highly imaginative take on an apocalyptic future that deems certain women worthy of nothing more than vessels – and demonstrates that you always have the means at your disposal to change your fate.

5 Hallelujah Stars!





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