The Bridge Kingdom

I have loved Danielle Jensen’s writing since I discovered the wondrous Malediction trilogy. I devoured Dark Shores and I ordered this one shortly after its release date.

Magic and mystery, political intrigue and vengeful siblings. The kingdom that controls the bridge controls the entire archipelago.

Her life has been a series of battles to prove herself worthy of her father’s favor. Only one sister will be chosen to forge a future, and Lara makes a desperate gamble that ensures her victory. She becomes a lethal assassin swathed in silk and deception. She will be the relentless savior of her country, dispatched as a bride to carry out a perilous espionage mission.

Aren is a warrior by necessity, and he rules his isolated islands with an iron fist, protecting the trade secrets of his country from infiltration. His island kingdom has no resources other than the trade route that is a huge economic and political advantage, keeping the wolves at bay. But he wants his people to have choices beyond which weapon to wield. He doesn’t want a bride he can’t trust, but he is determined to honor his father’s compromise. He accepts a bride that he is certain will poison him or slit his throat.

One kingdom is starving, one is desperate. Their bond is forged in blood and iron, a love that is inconvenient, improbable and unforeseen. Neither is what the other expected. They are cloaking their true motives and guarding their secrets. The pull between them is inexorable, and they fight against it on a knife’s edge of desire and denial. The tenuous trust they establish ends in betrayal and banishment.

The world-building is an exquisitely layered masterpiece with subtly nuanced characters and a slow burning enemies to lovers romance at its core. If you love slow burn with fiery immolation, intricate plots and complex characters, I highly recommend this one! If you loved ACOTAR or Kingdom of Exiles than this one is for you!

I highly recommend this one – 5 stars!




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