Resurrection Girls

Wow. This was an exquisitely executed exploration of the facets of grief, and a reminder that Death hovers tangibly on the edges of our hectic lives. 

Olive’s life has been in a holding pattern for three years. Waking or sleeping, she stumbles through the motions, feigning invisibility. She tiptoes in the emotional wreckage of her family. 

Kara is the golden gypsy of a girl who moves in across the street. Her subtle daring, vagabond spirit and fierce independence fascinate and compel Olive. She draws the two of them into a world of unspeakable violence, appalling choices and ancient curses. 

Prescott and Olive were inseparable until tragedy drove a wedge between them. 

The prose is both lyrical and precise. The plot is full of hidden layers that unfold unpredictably and unerringly. The characters are enigmatic, multi-faceted and unforgettable. 

The sparkling genius of this book will haunt you long after its end.

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