The Widow of Rose House

I was provided with an ARC of this title by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Now that she is finally free of her oppressive marriage, Alva needs to re-invent herself. Her family is a scion of New York society,  but will not welcome her back into the fold because of the scandal associated with her. She decides to write a book on interior decoration and use an actual project to demonstrate each idea. 

The house Alva purchases is Liefdehuis. It is a grand estate, now abandoned and ruined. But she knows she can fix the leaky roof and the squirrel-infested bedrooms. She doesn’t know if she can overcome the ghost stories that accompany the house. She hires Professor Samuel Moore to help her establish the veracity of the haunting, and exorcise it if necessary. 

Circumstances continually throw them together – and the handsome, warm, witty, wonderful professor becomes more essential and irresistible every day. And she is having the same effect on him. 

I loved the Gothic underplot of this book, the decadent Old New York setting, the mystery, and the fantastic love story. The characters were well-rounded, the plot was engaging, and the setting was evocative. 

4 Stars.

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