Shattered Snow

What if fairytales aren’t always the product of fertile imaginations? What if the heart of the story is based on an unalterable truth that cannot be undone?

Snow White’s story should never have happened. But a rogue time traveler thwarts her assignment and a legend is made. This was a fantastically unique re-imagining of the origin of fairytales.

The cast of characters is both diverse and enigmatic. All of the classic elements of the Snow White we have come to know and love play vital roles – but the real characters behind the fairytale versions are not quite as we imagined them. 

Bianka is a girl trapped by the weight of social expectations, sorrowed at the loss of her mother, and resentful of the relentless hold her new stepmother has over her father. Lilia seems harmless enough – until every glance over her shoulder at Bianka is a malicious glare, her hate unveiled and smoldering. Lilia knows that the sanctuary she has found is not hers forever. She must give it up once her mission is accomplished, and she feels justified in laying all of the blame for her impending misery at Bianca’s feet. Lilia’s downward spiral from well-intentioned stepmama to distrustful, wild-eyed, villainess is masterfully executed.

The setting is evocative and beguiling. The gritty, hopeless urban landscape that holds Lilia hostage prior to her escape is a cold reminder of the dangers of elitism. The isolated German countryside that fostered the Reformation is a welcome respite from the pressure to survive the soulless maze of the modern world. 

If you are a fan of time-travel novels, fairy-tale re-tellings, science fiction and/or indie publishers, you should definitely read this book! 

4 stars.



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