Rebel of the Sands Trilogy by Alwyn Hamilton

This series features an unforgettable heroine, the clash of armies, and a fated love story. It is about hard choices, protecting your friends, and making the world a better place for the sake of everyone who is trapped in a world that wants to grind them into dust.

Miraji is a desert country. It is harsh and desolate. Djinns and monsters prey on the unaware. But Amani has an eagle eye and a deadly aim – her guns are her ticket to a better life if she can figure out how to get there. Then a mysterious stranger challenges her to a shooting match and escape is within her grasp.

Amani’s journey will reveal secrets long buried, try her loyalties, and topple a kingdom. An unforgettable caste of characters joins her in the quest to eviscerate a corrupt dictator and battle against an invasion that will decimate her country and her people. You will adore Amani’s defiance, courage and ingenuity.

Across kingdoms and enchantments Amani and her friends will wage epic warfare, infused with magic and imbued with the promise of new beginnings. Every stolen moment is heart-wrenching and filled with wonder. This trilogy is about embracing obstacles to find your peace, trusting your intuition, and taking impossible chances.

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