Little Bookshop on the Seine


This is a wonderful love story about finding your joy wherever you are. When Sarah has the chance to swap bookshops with her Parisian friend, Sophie, it seems like a dream come true. Her elusive boyfriend Ridge may actually make an appearance with the enticement of an adventure in the City of Romance.

But Paris is more challenging, and more rewarding, than Sarah expected. Sarah has never really managed other people – and her new employees are resentful and unreliable. She will have to do the whole confrontation thing, be authoritative and lay down the law. This is the exact opposite of how she normally deals with conflict – by holing up in a comfy corner, sticking her nose in a book, and avoiding it altogether.

But Paris molds Sarah into a stronger person. She begins to realize that she is allowed to be proactive and fight for what she deserves, and demand the same from others. She forges unlikely friendships, launches her friend’s business into the 21st century, and learns invaluable lessons.

Recommended as a light read for everyone who has ever felt their life is on hiatus, or imagined starting over far away.



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