Cast in Wisdom

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“You are such a coward,” Bellusdeo said when they’d reached the relative safety of the street. The roads in and around Helen were sparsely populated at the busiest of times, which this wasn’t. They would soon join roads that were crowded at the slowest of times, but Kaylin was dressed for the office. The Hawk emblazoned on her tabard encouraged people to make space.

Had Bellusdeo hit the streets in her Draconic form, she’d have cleared far more of it—but some of that space would be created by panic, and panic could cause both accidents and the type of traffic congestion that caused the Swords to investigate. Also, it was illegal.

“It’s not cowardice,” Kaylin replied, scanning the windows of the buildings above ground level.

“What would you call it?”


“Oh, please.”

“There’s no point in arguing with them now. Sedarias thinks it’ll be months before this ridiculous command performance occurs. We have months to attempt to talk her out of—”

“Out of expressing any appreciation or gratitude?”

Ugh. “You know they’re grateful. This isn’t about gratitude. It’s about rubbing that gratitude in the faces of the Barrani who attempted to brand you a—an army. An attacking army.”

“I believe the term you want is Flight.” Bellusdeo’s eyes were orange.

Hope squawked at the Dragon. Kaylin didn’t understand what he was saying. Bellusdeo did, but her eyes didn’t get any lighter.

“You know as well as I do,” Kaylin said, emboldened by Hope’s entry into the discussion, “that this is not the time to visit the High Halls. I’m not sure the Emperor has ever been a guest there.”

“We visited the Halls—more or less—when they came under attack, and the Barrani needed our help.”

“From the outside. No one invited the Dragon Court in.”

The chorus of Barrani voices that sometimes offered entirely unasked for opinions on the inside of her head maintained their silence for half a beat. The first person to break that silence was the fieflord. His words were tinged with amusement.

You cannot expect that the cohort would suddenly cease to cause any difficulty, surely?


Kaylin Neya has a nose and a knack for trouble. She attracts it like gum on the bottom of a shoe. The fifteenth installment in the Chronicles of Elantra poses new challenges for Kaylin. She’s still caught in the middle of the masters she serves … the Hawks and the Emperor, her inner compass and the political intrigues she must navigate.  

Her assignment appears simple- but it turns into an adventure of epic proportions. Against the backdrop of the fiefs that shaped her, Kaylin must uncover the seed of chaos that threatens to overwhelm the entire kingdom. The task calls for her to confront and conquer the demons of her past and truths she has long buried and ignored.  

Kaylin is a snarky, gutsy heroine like no other, and the world of Elantra is incomparable.

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