Ruthless Gods

The publisher and Netgalley provided me with an ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review.

Wicked Saints was one of my top reads last year because of its intricate worldbuilding, morally gray characters, imaginative magical system, and tragic love story. Ruthless Gods builds on this brilliant debut and creates even more conflict for the main characters.

Nadya still loves the boy who became a monster- and she’s determined to remind him of who he is. But first she needs to use him in a desperate gamble to stop the war that is decimating her world. She needs him to guide her on a possibly futile pilgrimage, a journey of forced proximity with someone who has edged beyond the reach of her forgiveness. She is trying to suppress the darkness within her, not embrace it – and falling in love with a boy that wields cruelty as a beguiling weapon, is making it impossible to ignore her metamorphosis.

Malachiasz has two natures warring for domination of his mind. The brutal monster without a flicker of remorse and the lonely boy whose heart belongs to a girl that should be his nemesis. A girl that has a dark power even more chaotic and obscure than his own, buried deep within her. A girl who may be the salvation or the damnation of the world.

Serefin just wants to save his kingdom. He survived certain death, but did not emerge unscathed. He is trying to preserve his throne and his kingdom, survive a coup, retain power and figure out exactly what surviving his own death means. His newfound abilities, the plague of moths that surround him, and the dark envy in his own soul make him a target for atavistic, sinister forces.

You will love the author’s treatment of duality in all of her characters, the quest each character must undergo to fully mature as individuals, and the unavoidable pull of forbidden love.

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