Starbreaker by Amanda Bouchet

Do you have a Reylo hangover? Trust me, the Endeavor series will fill that cavernous gaping hole that ripped out your heart.

Shade Ganavan and Quintess Novalight are galactic fugitives.

The evil Overseer is more twisted and maniacal than the worst Sith dark lord, and he wants to ensure control over the entire inhabited realm of stars. He has a plan that will bind every galactic citizen to his will, making him the Grand Puppeteer pulling all of the strings.

It is up to Shade, Tessa, their band of renegades and the Rebellion to thwart the Overseer’s plans. Tess carries the secret in her blood that will make the world impervious to his machinations, and as invincible as his armies. But first they have to rescue their friends from the clutches of power – and that means making deals that they loathe. To ensure the safety of the future, Tess is determined to make whatever deal she has to.

Shade knew a life with Tess would be like hanging by his fingernails from a monstrous cliff. He is convinced she is worth any price, and will protect and love her no matter what wrenches the universe throws in their path. Tess has feelings for Shade that she can’t explain and has never experienced for anyone, but he broke her trust when he concealed his identity and his motives.

Shade decided that the joy and promise of a life with Tess outweigh his need to redeem his family legacy. Tess decided that Shade’s heart and intentions are true, despite his past betrayal. Together they will navigate a course with unforeseen obstacles. All of the preconceived ideas they had about their enemies, their identities, and their purpose are challenged in Starbreaker.

Dive into the glorious banter, swoonworthy one true pairing, and space piracy that make this series and this book unforgettable.  

Five Hallelujah Stars.

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