To Catch An Earl

The publisher and Netgalley provided me with an ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review.

Emmeline Danvers is not the sort of girl to make an entrance. Her obscurity is a shield against her secret identity, and she keeps it wrapped around her. A masquerade ball offers her the perfect opportunity to claim a kiss from the man she has always wanted.

But the magical kiss in the moonlit garden quickly escalates. And Alex Harland and Emmy Danvers are unexpectedly drawn together by forces beyond their control. But Emmy has an assignation and Alex leaves for the battlefield.

Four years later they meet again. The memories of that kiss have filled their dreams. Alex is desperate to find the woman that ensnared him, and finally realizes that the elusive, beguiling woman from the garden is Emmy.

But they are no longer star-crossed strangers in a garden. Now they are bitter enemies, on opposing sides of a criminal divide. As the stakes become higher, their passion becomes undeniable.

I adored this enemies to lovers story. The dialogue was rapid-fire, whip-smart and infused with fire. The plot was original, fully fleshed out and believable. The characters were mature, unique and realistic. And most importantly the love story unfolded with exquisite detail. It was tender, triumphant and unforgettable.

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