A Flame Through Eternity: Book 3 of The Wanderer Series

Book Description:

It started 3,000 years ago. It ends now. Who survives the final confrontation?

According to Helle Madsen, being the protagonist of a time-spanning epic love story has some things going for it, primarily Jason Morris. Because seriously, meeting up with your fated lover after 3 000 years apart is not bad—at all. Unfortunately, where Jason goes, there goes Sam Woolf, yet another very, very ancient acquaintance—with the fundamental difference that Sam is not into Happily Ever After. He’s into destruction, more specifically of Jason and Helle.

Helle may believe in second-chance love, but she sure doesn’t believe in reincarnation. Okay, she didn’t believe in stuff like that until she met Jason Morris a year or so ago. By now, she has accepted that sometimes impossible things are quite, quite possible—like an ancient princess being reborn as an ambitious financial analyst.
Finding Jason was like finding the part of her that had always been missing—a perfect match. But handling Sam Woolf, the reborn version of their ancient nemesis is something of a trial. No sooner do you have him well and surely beat, but up he bounces again. Sheesh, will it take an oak stake to permanently rid their lives of him?

Sam Woolf is a powerful adversary. Too powerful, even. Jason and Helle will need help from unexpected quarters to finally bring this tangled, ancient love-and-hate triangle to some sort of conclusion. Question is, will they survive the experience?

My Summary:

The third book in Anna Belfrage’s Wanderer series is a continuation of the saga of star-crossed lovers Helle and Jason.

The series is based on pivotal characters from the tale of Jason and the Argonauts. Three thousand years after their love story ended in tragedy, Helle Madsen and Jason Morris are given another chance. Their reincarnated souls have finally found one another again.

Before Helle and Jason can claim the happiness they were denied, they must thwart the efforts of their archenemy. He has also been reincarnated, and is determined to destroy them like he did the first time.

I am smack dab in the middle of reading these books and loving them. They are full of adventure, steamy, swoon-worthy romance, grand gestures and dastardly deeds. If you are a fan of lush detail, unforgettable characters and are in the midst of an Outlander hangover, this is the series for you!

About the Author

Had Anna been allowed to choose, she’d have become a time-traveller. As this was impossible, she became a financial professional with three absorbing interests: history and writing.

Anna has authored the acclaimed time travelling series The Graham Saga, set in 17th century Scotland and Maryland, as well as the equally acclaimed medieval series The King’s Greatest Enemy which is set in 14th century England. (Medieval knight was also high on Anna’s list of potential professions. Yet another disappointment…)

With Jason and Helle, Anna has stepped out of her historical comfort zone and has loved doing so.

Find out more about Anna by visiting her website, www.annabelfrage.com, You can also connect with Anna on FacebookTwitterAmazon, and Goodreads.

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