Well Met

Snuggled down and hibernating….

This was the perfect read for a stormy night! A sweet romcom with a hero I thought was the troll under the bridge….

….but who turned out to be shy cinnamon roll who didn’t know how to let a girl know he liked her.

A nerdy cinnamon roll….

Simon is the MIC of the local Renaissance Festival, and Emily becomes his least favorite tavern wench when she becomes part of the Ren cast as a favor to her niece. They have some epic glare matches during the months of training/orientation. And then the first day of Ren Fest Emily gets roped into a pretend handfasting ceremony with Simon – who has shed his buttoned-up nerd image to become an earringed pirate in hot leather pants.

From that point on, the steam just escalates.  Emily realizes that small towns have a lot of perks, even if everyone has their nose in her business.

The question becomes whether there is enough in Willow Falls to keep her there. What does the summer fling mean? Why is she so scared to put down roots?

I loved this and can’t wait to read Well Played.

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