Playing With Fire

Another amazing NA romance read from LJ Shen. Grace is the perfect antithesis to the perfect heroine. She is scarred and gritty and snarky and real. She says what she means and means what she says. She has built an impregnable fortress around her heart and her trust issues are deep-rooted and seemingly insurmountable.

Until the bad boy on the motorcycle, with the electric gaze and the eight pack carved from stone, decides he wants to work at the food truck. He steps into her space, intrusive and inescapable. The forced proximity makes her question everything she thought she knew. Is he really one of the privileged assholes? Is he really a sweet guy under the swagger? Is he really into her or is he playing some kind of messed up game?

West didn’t expect Grace. She’s strong and fierce. Her scars are beautiful because they mean she survived the horrors life tried to drown her in. She’s not boring, or predictable, or afraid. He should avoid her at all costs, but he can’t stay away. She’s dangerous because she makes him doubt the path he has chosen, makes him want more than mere survival, and he knows deep down the fight to keep her will be the bloodiest he has ever faced – in or out of the ring.

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