Chelsea Girls

The paperback copy of this wonderful story is now out in the world.

Hazel has been a side character her entire life – her value and her potential dwarfed and shadowed by the light of her brother. He was the only thing her parents saw. But Hazel is convinced that she deserves a chance in the spotlight and signs on with the USO to provide dramatic entertainment to the troops.

She is thrust into a world of chaos. She finds her calling as an impromptu playwright and director. With Japan’s surrender, the war ends shortly after Hazel’s arrival. Although she hasn’t gained the experience of her fellow performers, she is now much more courageous and assertive. She takes intermittent work and focuses her attention on finishing a play inspired by tragic events she witnessed in the midst of war.

Hazel’s life changes irrevocably when she becomes a tenant of the iconic Chelsea Hotel.

I loved the immersion into the lavish world of post-war New York. The intricacies of McCarthyism were woven into the plot as well as the background of the Golden Age of Hollywood and Broadway.

You will not regret picking up this tour de force.

4.5 🌟

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