The Duke Heist

Thank you to the author for sending me an advance copy of this book! I absolutely loved it!

Sometimes you recklessly pursue something you think will be the answer to all of your questions, something you think will make you whole and free. Chloe and her siblings are convinced that the very thing that binds them as a family is a painting that disappeared after their father died. The empty space on the wall haunts them, and echoes the emptiness in their hearts. They have tried to recover the painting from the son of the man who stole it, but he has rebuffed all of their legitimate efforts to recover it. They are tired of waiting, and decide to take matters into their own hands.

Chloe is the pickpocket of the family, so she leads the valiant effort. But Chloe’s plans are thwarted when she realizes that the Duke of Faircliffe isn’t at all what he seems to be.

He is not cold and haughty. He is shy and socially awkward.
He isn’t glaring at her. He is mesmerized by her.
He is not ignoring her presence. He’s trying not to make it obvious that no one else in the room even exists for him.

Lawrence is a duke with empty pockets – and marrying an heiress is the only solution. But he sees Chloe Wynchester from the moment they are formally introduced. She is witty and warm and beguiling, and her dreary wardrobe and determination to be unobtrusive do not dissuade him in the least. Soon he is craving every stolen moment he can wrangle before his debts force his hand.
She inspires him to amateur millinery, sleight of hand, and painting. She makes his life rich and colorful.

This love story is about a woman finally brave enough to recognize her own worth. It is a love story about looking beyond the masks people wear, and seeing who they really are. It is a love story about listening to the voices of those you care about, and ignoring all of the rest – because if you are truly happy you are untouchable and they mean nothing.

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