A Heart of Blood and Ashes

So of course I LOVED this dark fantasy romance from Milla Vane. IF KHAL and KHALEESI had gotten their HEA I want to believe it would have looked like this. 

A smoldering enemies to lovers plot arc, with a sexy barbarian in a loincloth, who has dragonlike qualities. 

Insta-buy. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

Maddek is now a member of my virtual harem of Book Baes. He, Griffin of the Kingmaker Chronicles, and Ryodan of the Fever series are now the official Triumvirate. 

Maddek- how to describe him? It’s the cold disdain of Darcy. His inevitable capitulation to a fine pair of eyes, a healthy respect for a razor sharp wit, and a healthy appreciation for the subtle art of sarcasm. It is Rhett’s unmitigated teasing and hard-won realization that this woman is far more than she appears to be. His dawning awareness that her beauty cloaks a core of steel. 

And so the hero falls victim to the charms of a woman against his better judgment because she defies every expectation. Literally chokes them to death and buries them like dusty bones. The tension is literally off the charts. The passion for blood, revenge and what can happen against a wall, on a blanket on the edge of a spooky forest, on a ship, straddled across a chair, seated on a horse- ok, yes. The imagination and the list itself are boundless. 


Hell yes, I will abandon everything I know and follow you into the dark storm of Ragnarok. Especially if you keep faith with me.

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