Ever After Always

It is very important to me that the things I read are meaningful, insightful and illuminating. When I pick up a romance novel, I want to see the portrayal of a relationship based on mutual respect- a true partnership.

Liese’s new novel is absolutely incandescent.

Aidan and Freya are in the midst of a struggle to save their marriage. Their personal vulnerabilities have become a wedge between them, and now it is imperative that they reconstruct their relationship from the ground up. The things that separate them are sleeping lions they have kept buried. They are deep-rooted issues of self-love and self-worth.

This is a story about the importance of no holds barred communication in a relationship. It’s a story about growing together instead of apart. It’s a story about what comes after the HEA- and how the real work begins once we throw the rose-colored glasses over our shoulders and accept our imperfections and those of our partner. It’s a story about tenacity, endurance and courage.

Liese beautifully tackles the mental health issues of anxiety and depression and the impact they have on a relationship. Liese beautifully tackles the commitment and strength needed to scale the walls we erect between ourselves and those we care about.

If you read one contemporary romance this year, make it this one.

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