Blood and Sand

This had all of the Spartacus, Gladiator and Troy vibes I needed.

Attia survived the massacre of her people only to be bound to her enemy. She must bow her head, keep her temper, and become a subservient concubine to the reigning champion of Rome.

But the reigning champion is a prisoner too. He may be a great warrior, but he has honed his skills in the arena to protect others. He carries loss and burden on his shoulders as well, and fully understands Attia’s sorrow and anger.

When an incognito rescuer ensures Xanthus prevails against an impossible challenge, the stakes become higher. As the corruption, greed and cruelty surrounding her become more prevalent, it becomes more difficult for Attia to conceal her identity. She and Xanthus struggle to protect those they care about and plan a daring escape.

This unforgettable, luminous story is now one of my favorites. It is a beautiful tapestry of loss and love.

5 Stars.

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