The Runaway Bride

This ARC was provided courtesy of Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I loved this sweet road trip romance. Kitty and Jack’s story is one about new beginnings, and the journey of self discovery that happens when you let go of guilt and regret.

When Kitty’s life falls apart, she needs to reinvent herself. Her spirit has been broken by the controlling, oppressive life she runs away from. She leaves everything behind on her wedding day when she witnesses the ultimate betrayal.

She’s hoping that her knight in shining armor isn’t a serial killer. He feeds her and clothes her. He seems relatively harmless, and his canine companion is wonderful. Jack and his pregnant dog Sandy rescue her. Jack gives her a roaming home, a new adventure, and safety and security.

Kitty begins to see herself as a strong, independent woman. She begins to confront the demons in her past. She finds love and freedom. She makes a choice- but the one man she wants to claim as her own has his own demons to battle.

This was a sweet, wonderful, slow burn romance. I loved both MCs and wanted to strangle the villains.

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