Her Dark Lies

Hidden agendas and windswept cliffs will give you Du Maurier’s Rebecca vibes…

From the moment Claire sets foot on the isolated island estate of her fiance, the wild beauty and dark majesty of the island captivates her. But her nerves are rattled from a close encounter prior to their departure, and she can’t let her guard down enough to enjoy her lush surroundings. From the beginning, she senses that she is that one puzzle piece that doesn’t quiet fit in, a wren thrown in the coop with a bird of paradise.

Sometimes smiling isn’t enough…

The wealth just feels ostentatious to Claire, and even though Jack is solicitous, he seems both preoccupied and distracted. When the weather takes a turn for the worse, everyone is trapped and there’s an ominous villain on the loose.

What happens when you lose electricity…

This character driven suspense had me in its grip from start to finish. I was looking for Ms. Danvers and Pennywise around every corner. The plot twists were unpredictable and I had no idea who was telling the truth, who was hiding their true motives, and who was a cold-blooded killer beneath their polite facade. The build was slow because of the intricate descriptions of the setting – but they only added to the ambience for me.

I highly recommend this modern gothic romance if you enjoy Mary Stewart or Daphne Du Maurier.

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