A Duke In Time

An independent widow and a stoic duke find their HEA.

I dare you not to swoon over the sweet, supportive romance that blooms between Kat and Christian. 

Kat is a self-made woman. She has concealed her ignominious past from the ton, and launched a successful business with her savvy and insight. Her husband’s death doesn’t bring the closure she had hoped for. Instead it brings new obstacles and challenges she never could have foreseen. She digs in her heels and takes off her gloves to force his dukish half-brother into helping her clean up the mess. 

Christian has never met a woman like Kat. He expunged his brother and his wild antics from his life when he joined the army. And now his delectable, infuriating widow has gotten under his skin and his skill as a tactician on the battlefield was no preparation for her siege.

They begin a reluctant partnership that unfolds into a shared presence of mind and determination to make the world a better place. Christian wants her in his bed, and is lost at the first fleeting touch of her lips. But he cannot offer her more. And Kat finds him fiercely irresistible- but cannot allow her secrets to cloud his future. 

Every moment they spend together is fraught with temptation. Kat is determined not to cloud Christian’s prospects with her humble origins and Christian is convinced he is not a suitable candidate for marriage. 

The quest for Christian’s brother’s legacy, the shared investment they have in improving the lot of others, and the fiery attraction that burns between them become impossible to resist. They are inexorably drawn to each other- and find safety and solace in each other’s embrace. Their journey to incandescent joy is a sweet, saucy surrender. 

Here are some of my favorite quotes.

Her mellifluous voice wrapped around him as the word mine burrowed into the recesses of his mind. For a wild moment, he wanted nothing more than to make her his. Ch. 4

It was foolhardy to be kissing her when anyone could walk in, but a small growl of need rose within his chest. This woman made him want all the wonderful things that life had to offer, like the comfort of holding another. Ch. 13

If any soldier had deserted him like his well-bred willpower just had, he would have called for a court martial of the fugitive. Ch. 13

“There are no guarantees that any of us will experience or even find love in this life. But if we’re lucky enough to obtain it, we must protect and nourish it, much like a seedling until it can stand on its own and weather the elements. Love, if allowed to grow, develops deep roots, whether from a father, mother, husband, wife, or even our own children, that will last for a lifetime and beyond.” Ch 15

I want to be the man who lays a rose on your pillow in the morning, holds your hand in the dark, and kisses you as the sun rises. Ch 21

“It’s a powerful word. For instance, nothing will ever keep me from you. Nothing will keep us apart. Nothing will keep me from giving you my heart. Nothing will keep me from showing you my deepest abiding love every day. Nothing will keep me from making love to you. Nothing will keep me from begging you to marry me every hour until we say, ‘I do.’” Ch 26

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