Talk Bookish to Me

Everyone grows up eventually…even college boyfriends.

Talk Bookish to Me was a perfect escape about second chances.

Kara and Ryan were inseparable in college- that couple nauseatingly wrapped up in each other and joined at the hip. The tied with a bow, rose colored glasses couple everyone else was envious of. But they were young, and life got in the way. They couldn’t keep doubt and mistrust from intruding on their relationship – and they are both still nursing the wounds from their mutual meltdown.

Kara still hates Ryan with the fire of a thousand suns. He broke her trust and shattered her heart. And now he’s standing on front of her – miraculously the groomsman in her best friend’s wedding. She wants to thrash him with the roundkick of all roundkicks. But she wants to lean into the crook of his neck and feel his arms around her too. And her competing desires make her grumpy and mean.

When a disaster named Duke strikes, Ryan and Kara become victims of forced proximity. Kara offers up her space because she is trying to help her best friend and keep the momentum and inspiration going so she can meet the deadline for her new romance book. The coincidence of Ryan’s sudden appearance and the banishment of her writer’s block is not something she wants to examine too closely.

The charge between them is inexorable and they can’t ignore it. If they choose each other again, there’s a very definite possibility that their secrets will drive them apart again. Is the heartache and surrender worth it?

I loved this sweet romantic comedy. A huge thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the chance to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

The Runaway Bride

This ARC was provided courtesy of Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I loved this sweet road trip romance. Kitty and Jack’s story is one about new beginnings, and the journey of self discovery that happens when you let go of guilt and regret.

When Kitty’s life falls apart, she needs to reinvent herself. Her spirit has been broken by the controlling, oppressive life she runs away from. She leaves everything behind on her wedding day when she witnesses the ultimate betrayal.

She’s hoping that her knight in shining armor isn’t a serial killer. He feeds her and clothes her. He seems relatively harmless, and his canine companion is wonderful. Jack and his pregnant dog Sandy rescue her. Jack gives her a roaming home, a new adventure, and safety and security.

Kitty begins to see herself as a strong, independent woman. She begins to confront the demons in her past. She finds love and freedom. She makes a choice- but the one man she wants to claim as her own has his own demons to battle.

This was a sweet, wonderful, slow burn romance. I loved both MCs and wanted to strangle the villains.

Meet Me in Paradise

This book was so wonderful.

It’s about the many different kinds of bravery. It takes courage to carry on, courage to step outside your comfort zone, courage to let go.

It’s about the sacrifices we think we are making for those we love, but are actually walls we are erecting for self-preservation. It’s about tearing down those walls brick by brick.

It’s about self-deception and erroneous assumptions.

Marin agrees to leave her cocoon of ten years for a sisters’ getaway. It turns into another type of adventure altogether when she meets Lucas. As he shows her around the island, she doesn’t recognize her flirty, forthright alterego. She takes risks, embraces danger, and loses her moorings.

The reason behind Marin’s solitary escape will turn her world upside down and result in an epiphany that changes her life.

Recommended if you settle in with this spectacular debut:

-A box of tissues within easy reach.
-No early morning appointments because you won’t be able to put it down once you pick it up.

Locked In Love

He ruined her life and she despises him.

This wonderful love story unfolds in the middle of a quarantine.

He’s the man Kara used to share a cubicle with– or at least a workspace. But their budding romance cost her a job she loved and now she’s unemployed. It’s all his fault, and she lays the blame completely on his shoulders. He’s the reason she’s looking for a hook-up with an overgrown slob of a fratboy. He’s the reason she feels unhinged and untethered.

To make matters worse, the frat boy hookup that didn’t happen means she’s stuck in HIS apartment building for the foreseeable future.

Rory was saddened that the work fiasco wrecked his maybe with Kara. Though she seems to hate his guts, he had reasons for staying at the company that he felt too vulnerable to share. Those reasons will become evident if Kara takes him up on the offer to stay in his apartment until the quarantine ends.

Why this book was the perfect mini- escape from the quarantine that has become a stifling cocoon:

  1. The banter and sparks between Kara and Rory sizzle off the page.
  2. She has to wear his clothes— and they smell like him. You know we’ve all stolen that t-shirt just so we could get a surreptitious sniff whenever we needed it.
  3. There is a sweet, sassy side character who will steal your heart.
  4. Rory may have an 8 pack and seem like a tiger, but he’s actually a kitten.
  5. Forced proximity. And all of the uncomfortable, arousing, impossible to ignore feelings it forces out in the open.

Ever After Always

It is very important to me that the things I read are meaningful, insightful and illuminating. When I pick up a romance novel, I want to see the portrayal of a relationship based on mutual respect- a true partnership.

Liese’s new novel is absolutely incandescent.

Aidan and Freya are in the midst of a struggle to save their marriage. Their personal vulnerabilities have become a wedge between them, and now it is imperative that they reconstruct their relationship from the ground up. The things that separate them are sleeping lions they have kept buried. They are deep-rooted issues of self-love and self-worth.

This is a story about the importance of no holds barred communication in a relationship. It’s a story about growing together instead of apart. It’s a story about what comes after the HEA- and how the real work begins once we throw the rose-colored glasses over our shoulders and accept our imperfections and those of our partner. It’s a story about tenacity, endurance and courage.

Liese beautifully tackles the mental health issues of anxiety and depression and the impact they have on a relationship. Liese beautifully tackles the commitment and strength needed to scale the walls we erect between ourselves and those we care about.

If you read one contemporary romance this year, make it this one.