For the Wolf

Little Red Riding Hood like you never imagined it…

4.5 Stars

A huge thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for my complimentary copy.

This is the most riveting Red Riding Hood retelling I’ve ever read. The world building is rich and intricate, the heroine is fierce and independent, and the hero is wonderful.

Redarys is the Second Daughter. She has known her fate her entire life. She will be left in the woods- a sacrifice that will bring about the salvation of her people. The forest will swallow her- just as it has devoured all of the Second Daughters that came before her.

But Red finds a piece of quiet and sanctuary in the midst of the wood. She meets a tall, scarred stranger who is neither a villain nor the fearsome monster of legend. She learns that she wields the same kernel of power he does, and that her fate is completely entwined with that of the Wildwood.

The truth is far more complex than the stories she has been spoonfed. And there are those who want to bury and obscure it. As Red and Eammon fall in love, they learn what true sacrifice is and the power it has to change everything.

Gilded Serpent

The wolves are at the door— both literally and figuratively.

Are you craving an epic series? The Dark Shores series delivers. It has the fiery, rebellious spirit of Star Wars, the heart and soul of Gladiator, and two pairs of star-crossed lovers whose lives are being shaped by impossible choices and encroaching darkness.

The latest book in the series, Gilded Serpent, is about clinging to hope when the world is crumbling beneath your feet. It is about choosing love against all odds and doing everything you can to preserve it.

Marcus knows that a legionnaire’s loyalty should be to the glory of the empire. But he has never been more himself than he is with the pirate princess who is his captive. He is determined to protect Teriana, even if his secrets will destroy any love she feels for him.

Killian is gifted by the god of war. He has been a weapon for others, a tool of hurt and destruction. The quiet, bookish girl with emerald eyes is the first to see beyond his shield. He loves Lydia, and will fight for their future- even if the universe seems to be conspiring against them.

The stakes are escalating as the world succumbs to blight and evil on one shore and corruption and greed on the other. Marcus, Teriana, Killian and Lydia are all that stand against the rising tide. The war has only just begun.

I savoured this one as long as I could- until I couldn’t resist finishing. The cliffhangers will haunt me until the next release.